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In addition to the traditional Viennese dishes and warm main meals as well as matching side dishes, our extensive large menu also includes a selection of soups, crispy salads, vegetarian dishes, special toasted breads, snacks for the small appetite in between, a variety of pastries as well as sweet desserts to conclude a successful meal. Also represented on our menu: Seasonal dishes and culinary specialities.


Clear soup with sliced pancakes, € 4.90

Liver dumpling soup, € 5.20

Soup with fried butter pearls, € 4.30

Soup of the day, € 4.90


Salad with ham, cheese and boiled egg, € 10.90

Tuna salad with olives and onion rings, € 11.90

Greek salad, € 11.90

Feta cheese wraped in bacon on salad with herb seed oildressing, € 12.50

Chicken strips on mixed salad, optional "baked" , "nature" or "in pumpkin seed breading", € 12.50

Grilled slice of salmon on mixed salad, € 12.90


Mozzarella with tomatoes and basil pesto, € 11.90

Sour pickled brawn with vinegar, oil and onions, € 10.90

Carpaccio of beef on rocket salad with apple-balsamic vinegar, € 12.90

Warm dishes

Beef Goulash large (without pastries), € 9.90 / Beef Goulash small (without pastries), € 8.90
(without side dish)

Viennese escalope (from pork) with potato salad , € 15.50

Cordon-Bleu (from pork) with potato salad, € 16.70

Baked escalope from turkey with potato salad, € 15.50

Natural excalope from turkey with rice and peas, € 15.50

Half bonless fried chicken with potato-lettuce salad and pumpkin seed oil, € 20.50

Grilled chicken steak with spaghetti and tomato pesto, € 17.50

Penne with basil pesto, roasted chicken strips, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and grana cheese, € 14.20

Chicken-Wings with potato chips and salsa sauce, 12 pieces € 13.90 / 6 pieces € 9.90

Roast beef with roasted onion fried potatoes and pickled cucumber, € 21.90

Mixed Grill with onion-mustard and french fries, € 21.90

Spareribs with fried potatoes, optional with "Mexicansauce" or "Soja-Chillisauce" (sweet) or "mixed", € 22.90

Grilled fish "pike-perch" with vegetables and boiled potatoes, € 17.90

Fabrik Burger (beef, onions,salad, tomatoes, cheddar, cocktail sauce), with french fries € 14.90 / without french fries € 11.90

Home made dumplings "lumberjack style" with leaf salad, € 14.20

Black sausage sliced with roasted potatoes, € 12.50

Side dishes

Mixed salad, € 4.90

Dumplings, € 4.70

Fried potatoes, € 4.70

Rice, € 4.70

French fries, € 4.70

100% pure kernel oill, € 1.80

Cranberries, Mayonnaise, Sauce Tartarte or Cocktail sauce, je € 1.40

Meatless dishes

Baked Camembert or Emmental with Sauce Tartare und cranberries, € 12.90

Spaghetti Pomodoro with basil pesto and feta cheese, € 13.50

With egg roasted dumplings and leaf salad, € 12.90

Home made eggnoodles with leaf salad, € 12.90

Spelt pasta with dried tomatoes feta cheese and sage (with chili, spicy), € 14.50

Toasted bread

Scrambled eggs on brown bread with chives, € 6.90

Tomato bread baked with ham and cheesen, € 8.30

Garlic bread with bacon, sliced tomatoes and fried egg, € 9.50

Tuna bread baked with onion rings, olives and cheese, € 9,50

Bread baked with chicken strips, sliced tomatoes and Camembert, € 9.50

Roasted sliced beef steak on brown bread with salsa sauce, rocket salad, and Grana cheese (spicy), € 9.50

Small dishes

Sausage with mustard and horseradish, € 6.20

Sausage with goulash sauce (without pastries), € 7.20

Toast with ham and cheese, € 5.90

"Fabrik special Toast" with french fries (Grilled chicken fillet, bacon, cheese, tomatoes, salad, onion, Salsa sauce und Mayonnaise), € 11.90


Chocolate cake with whipped cream, € 6.20

Chocolate cake with whipped cream (1 piece), € 3.50

Pancake filled with chocolate (1 piece), € 3.50

Pancake filled with nuts and chocolate (1 piece), € 3.90

Pancake filled with vanilla ice cream (1 piece), € 4.90

Spelt pancake filled with Nutella and vanilla sauce (1 piece), € 4.90


Roll, € 1.60

Piece of brown bread, € 1.20

Special pastries, € 2.20

Pretzel, € 2.90

Close-up of a food plate with pork ribs on salad, next to cutlery

Current lunch menu

Varied cuisine in an atmospheric ambience - this is what we want to offer our guests in our restaurant. For us, this includes a weekly changing lunch menu - with a varied meal plan. And the best thing about it: With us you get your lunch menu at an absolute special price!

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Incomparable ambience in the restaurant "Zur Fabrik"

Where to find us

The restaurant "Zur Fabrik" is centrally located in Vienna with perfect connections to the underground stations of the U4 and U6 as well as the tram lines 6 and 8 - ideal for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city on a trip to our small oasis in the middle of Vienna.

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Our opening hours

We are open from Monday to Friday.
from 11:30 am to 11:00 pm.

There is warm kitchen on these days in each case
from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm and from 6:00 to 9:30 pm.

The restaurant is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.